Our Unique Approach

A rich history and a proven, innovative process has connected Dale Carnegie training to people around the world seeking real transformation and impactful results.

What Makes Dale Carnegie Different?
Over 100 years of proven success has made Dale Carnegie the industry leader and a true benchmark in professional training and development solutions.

Гүйцэтгэлийн өөрчлөлтийн зам

Dale Carnegie туршлага суралцагчийг анхны харилцаанаас авахуулаад дараагийн шат хүртэл оролцуулж, гол зан байдлыг дадуулахад дэмждэг. Манай аргачлал гүйцэтгэлийн өөрчлөлтийг тогтоон хадгалахад шаардлагатай ур чадвар болон дадал зуршлын хөгжлийг хөхүүлэн дэмждэг. Сэтгэл санааны шилжилт нь зан байдлын шилжилттэй адил чухал гэдэгт бид итгэдэг. Тийм учраас Performance Change Pathway™ нь гүйцэтгэлийг сайжруулахад хөтлөх сургалтын хөтөлбөрийг гаргах болсон манай зорилтот аргачлалыг харуулдаг.

Business Learner Needs Input Output Business Learner Needs Awarness Experiences Sustainment Next Learning Cohort Social Connection Track Result/ROI Видео Хариуцсан менежертэй нэгдэж ажиллах Нийгмийн холбоо Имэйлээр мэдэгдэх 360 Эргэх холбоо Өөрийгөө үнэлэх Нийгмийн холбоо Яаралтай хэрэгжүүлэх Практик даалгавар Гүйцэтгэлийн сайжруулалтын мөчлөг Давтагдашгүй үйлчилгээ үзүүлэх зарчмууд Хүнтэй харилцах зарчмууд Аппууд Видео Үнэгүй таталтууд Нийгмийн холбоо Ганцаарчилсан сургалтын зураг 360 дараагийн шат Хариуцсан менежертэй дараагийн шатанд Carnegie Үүл Шууд онлайн

Dale Carnegie Performance Change Pathway™ дараах иаван үндсэн бүрэлдэхүүнийг хамааруулж үздэг. Үүнд:Оруулалт, Мэдлэг мэдээлэл, Туршлага, Тогтвортой байдал, Үр дүн. Эдгээр бүрэлдэхүүн нь манай хөтөлбөрийн дизайн ба үзүүлэх үйлчилгээний чухал хэсэг болдог. Тэдгээр нь байгууллагад гарах үр дүнг чиглүүлэхэд оролцогчийн байнга суралцах замыг боловсруулж өгдөг.

Consider This Your Transformation Toolkit

Our process is designed to get to the heart of what your organization needs, and to develop custom solutions grounded in the Dale Carnegie training techniques. We follow a 5-step process, centered on workforce training.

Process Steps Infographic Oval Process Steps Infographic Arc Intent Inquire Involve Innovate Impact Process Steps Infographic
  • We Work Together to Define Your Strategic Intent
    "We help you develop a clear strategic vision, first by outlining a strategic vision for your organization, then uncovering the hurdles we may face in arriving at your desired destination. It’s really those hurdles that we need to clear. "
  • We Inquire to Determine Your Organizational Needs
    Now that we know what hurdles you face, let’s have an honest conversation to understand where your business stands today, so we can better drive toward your goals. Once the bar is set, and a plan is in place, we can develop custom training solutions that support your organization’s specific needs.
  • We Involve Absolutely Everyone
    "We check in with employees at all levels to hear their thoughts on your overall company vision, find competency gaps that need to be closed, and discover attitudes that can support or undermine change, because positive change is a team effort. "
  • We Innovate Positive Change
    "Dale Carnegie Training changes people so they can change their organizations, which then changes the world. Progress is propelled by the power of transformation, and that begins within. Our training solutions provide measurable results and map directly to the competencies we’ve identified to achieve your corporate initiatives through your people. "
  • We Impact Results
    Our training is known to ignite long-term behavior change, and fuel emotional and intellectual engagement in businesses of all sizes. Dale Carnegie’s unique results-driven methods have endured around the world for over a century. We’re determined to drive your organization toward its goals.

"Badges Boost Your Value and Show Everyone Your Achievements"

Think of a Dale Carnegie badge as a medal of honor to pin to your resume! Colleagues notice them, and potential employers actively seek them. Each badge earned will raise you among the ranks, preparing you to be a highly sought-after and much more desirable professional.

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Earn Your Certificate

Most Dale Carnegie training courses qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Education Credits. In addition, some classes feature specific accreditations.

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Our Proven Training Methods Drive Success

Explore our case studies that exemplify how Dale Carnegie training works for professionals and businesses of all facets.

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